Noriko is a fully qualified Ayurvedic practitioner (MCM Ayurveda) serving Ayurvedic massage and treatment  tailored to your needs.


Abhyanga is a full body massage using plenty of warm medicated sesame oil or organic sesame oil. Abhyanga can help to remove Ama which is a toxic and sticky substance accumulated in the body due to undigested food particles and the result of most of diseases.

Abhyanga can also help to balance the Doshas (the three humours; Vata, Pitta and Kapha).

Ayurvedic therapeutic massage

Full body massage with Ayurvedic medicated sesame oil.  

Good for chronic fatigue, feeling of weariness, stress, anti-ageing, menopause, muscular aches and pain, dry skin, insomnia and depression.

60 minutes    £50

90 minutes    £75

Ayurvedic combination massage

Back massage, Head massage and / or Foot massage with Ayurvedic medicated sesame oil or organic sesame oil.

You can choose all three massages (90 minutes) or two massages

(60 minutes) from the following.

Kati abhyanga (Back massage)

Good for stress, neck, shoulder and lower back pain. 

Siro abhyanga (Head massage)

Good for headache, migraine, stress, tired-eyes, insomnia and hair loss.  

Pada abhyanga (Foot massage)

Including knees and lower legs massage.

Good for tired-legs, insomnia, detoxification and relaxation.

60 minutes £50

90 minutes £75

Pinda sweda

Full body massage (90 minutes), Back massage or Leg and Foot massage (60 minutes) with Ayurvedic medicated sesame oil followed by a heated poultice (Pinda sweda) with specific herbs.

Good for improving blood circulation, menstrual pain, female problems, joint related problems, chronic rheumatism, osteo-arthritis, sciatica, stiffness, swelling, insomnia and anti-ageing.

*A course of treatment is recommended.

60 minutes(Back or Leg and foot) £60

90 minutes(Full body) £85


4 treatments - 10% off the total booking

(Validity: 4 months from the date of first booking)

  • For female clients;

- In Ayurveda the massage is not done for the first three days of the menstrual cycle thus please avoid these dates when you book.

- Ayurvedic massage usually uses a large quantity of oil therefore disposable knickers for women are available for the massage, however you are welcome to use your own underwear if you so wish.

- The chest and buttocks areas are normally included in the massage, there are important lymph glands and pressure points present in these areas. You will be asked to consent to this on a treatment registration form.

  • Please do not eat at least two hours before treatment if possible.

  • By appointment only.

  • If you need to re-schedule your appointment or are unable to attend please give 24 hours notice​.

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